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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 2, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. >> and another teacher strike. >>good afternoon. i'm steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >> all is quiet at the junior high school. teachers are picketing. classes are also canceled. with no new talks scheduled, this break may last a while.
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>> with no school for over 1800 kids, there is ample time to walk dogs as teachers walked the picket line. many parents support the unions fight with blue ribbons on display outside homes. dealing with the district's first ever strike is an inconvenient development. >> you never think that you have to worry about a strike. >> talks have been ongoing since april. both sides emerged disappointed. >> we're very sorry. we stayed at the table as long as we could. we're very disappointed. we wanted to see the children in school. we asked them to please stay. >> the teachers went on strike
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at midnight. the sticking points include health insurance retirement benefits, salary issues. >> it is imperative that we get those children back and their seats. they need to be back in the classroom. to think that they're thinking otherwise sends a different message. >> district parents are scrambling to make arrangements with child care. >> i went to school in district 124. that is why we stayed in this community. for the school district. both sides need to come to an agreement. >> according to the superintendent's the two sides are still about $2 million apart on a new three-year contract. he
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is hopeful that negotiations can resume. >>chicago teachers union members are expected to approve their new contract today. the agreement ended last month's strike. wgn's amy rutledge is live at c-t-u headquarters with the latest. amy? >> she and not giving any indication on whether or not she has confidence that the contract will pass a majority vote. they will cast their votes today at headquarters. we should know more by tomorrow. at the earliest possibly on thursday. >> you can never be 100 percent on both sides. just the fact that we were able to come together and come to an agreement. we were still able to do it. i think it shows promise.
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>> the vast majority of teachers are getting their votes in at the start of the day. the proposed contract is a three- year agreement with a fourth your option. a 3% base salary increase per year. 2% increases the next two years. assets new guidelines for teacher evaluations. it also gives principals the power to hire teachers. >> our members are feeling much more empowered. that is one of the things that we felt was absolutely necessary for us to move forward. that is what this entire process. people know that
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they have rights. >> everyone was super excited to get back to the kids and do work. when we came back again we started working on our goals for the year. >> the price tag for this new contract is $74 million. how will it be paid for? the school board will vote on october 24th. advocates of charter schools have their own concerns about this. they want to make sure that the new contract is not paid for by charter school budget. >> students held their own press conference at the school where c-t-u president karen lewis cast her vote.. but it had nothing to do with the teacher contract. the students are upset that all administrative offices and classes have been moved to one side of dyett high school.. and all staff and students now use
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the same entrance. c-p-s says the current student population of 186 is in a building designed for 12 hundred.. and the changes were made to maximize space and promote a safer school environment. the students are concerned about not having access to the entire building and they say being forced to use the back entrance makes them feel like they're "the help". >>it was a much longer flight than expected for passengers on board an american airlines plane heading from chicago to london. the plane had to make two emergency landings along the way. first it stopped in eastern canada for a medical emergency on board. after taking off again. the
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plane had to land in shannon ireland after reporting a smell of smoke in the cockpit. the issue was with a fan and the plane was able to take off for heathrow airport in london. >>american arilines has pulled some 7-57 planes for inspection. after seats came loose on three planes. the first incident happened saturday on a flight from boston to miami. a similar incident happened yesterday on a flight from new york to miami and one last week on a flight from colorado to dallas-fort worth. american says there could be an issue with a certain model seat. a preliminary inspection shows it appears the seats on the first two flights were taken out for maintenance and then reinstalled. there were no reports of injuries. american officials say the loose seats are not related to labor-management tension at the airline. >>sentencing is expected today for the owner of an animal shelter found guilty of cruelty and neglect. dawn hamill had more than 100 animals at the shelter near tinley park.
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several of the pets were dead, others lived in filth. hamill said she was overwhelmed when an employee brought twenty animals to the shelter without her permission. a jury convicted hamill on eight counts of neglect of owner's duties. >>the trial for a man charged with murdering his son is delayed. 40 year-old riley lowell choate is accused of beating his 13 year-old son, christian, in hammond back in 2009. he was scheduled to go on trial next tuesday, but it's now set for january seventh. the judge pushed back the start of the trial yesterday. after he allowed choate's attorney to withdraw from the case. choate's lawyer wanted to end>>a killer's remorse and regret. we hear from one of the washington dc snipers ten years to the day of when the attacks began. and a celebration turns to tragedy in hong kong two boats collide killing dozens. and the presidential candidates hole up today preparing for tomorrow's debate while thier
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efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. >>hong kong police have arrested six crew members after a boat collision that killed more than three dozen people. a company boat carrying
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employees and their families to a festival celebration collided with a ferry bringing passengers to an outlying island. at least 38 people were killed. including five children and more than a hundred others were taken to hospitals. survivors said people had to break windows to swim to the surface. where dive teams, helicopters, and boats pulled victims from the water. it's hong kong's deadliest ferry accident in decades. he has worked for the washington post. he disappeared in syria august 13th. a video posted appears to show him with a group of masked men. the u.s. state department has not verify the authenticity of this video. a spokesman says it appears to be staged. >>a cameraman for iran's president applies for asylum in the u-s. he came to the u-s with iranian
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leaders to attend the united nations general assembly in new york city last week. when the iranian delegation went home last thursday, he stayed behind. he claims he's afraid to return to iran because he's believed to be an opponent of the regime. his wife and two kids have escaped from iran for their safety. >> ten years after terrorizing a city and the country. one of the washington d-c snipers is sharing his story and his remorse. lee boyd malvo and john allen muhammad shot 13 people over a three-week period in 2002. the two chose their victims at random then shot them from the modified trunk of a car. ten of the victims died. muhammad was executed in 2009. malvo laughed about the shootings when he was arrested, but now says he is haunted by the brutality of his own actions. >>i am sorry. there is no way to express that. what am i going to
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tell them? >>malvo says there was one particular incident where he wouldn't follow muhammed's orders. he says muhammad told him to kill a pregnant woman, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. >>the presidential candidates are keeping a low profile today. preparing for tomorrow's first debate. president obama is at a resort near las vegas. he took a break from debate prep yesterday to meet with campaign workers in nevada. he brought pizzas and made a few phone calls to supporters. during one call he told a volunteer. they're keeping me indoors all the time. it's a drag. they're making me do my homework. >>republican candidate mitt romney is already in denver. he spoke at a campaign rally last night. telling supporters the debates won't be about winning and losing. romney said it will be a chance for the candidates to describe the "pathway" on which they'd like to take the country. in addition to the three presidential debates, there will also be a vice presidential debate.
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>>a judge in pennsylvania ruled today that a new voter i-d law cannot be enforced in next month's presidential election. ritics say it is designed to keep minority voters. who typically vote democrat. away from the polls. supporters say it will prevent voter fraud. the ruling is expected to be appealed. >>it's the world's largest coral reef eco-system, and one of australia's biggest tourist attractions and it's disappearing. half of the great barrier reef has vanished over the last 27 years and scientists say several factors are causing the decline. storms and cyclones, and coral bleaching from high temperatures, are both blamed on global climate change. the coral reef is also being eaten away by a type of starfish that can grow as big as three feet. efforts are under way to stem the damage from the starfish, which also feed on nutrient runoff from farms. >>a father wanted to make sure
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his wheelchair-bound son could enjoy halloween last year, so he created a very special costume for him. he built this ice cream truck for his son, carter. carter lives with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair. dad built a truck frame and fitted it over the chair so carter could trick-or-treat with the rest of the neighborhood kids. it's complete with a back window and on the side of the truck it reads: 'buster's ice cream.' carter also wore his very own 'ice cream man' costume. >>former employees of convicted ponzi schemer bernie madoff face more fraud charges that date back four decades! and, still to come this midday. how spirit airlines will punish procrastinators. we'll tell you what the airline will charge customers who wait too long to pay for carry-on bags. and later in lunchbreak: seared ahi tuna served with carmelized cauliflower!
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live from the new york stock exchange. car recall from honda to tell you about. 600,000 midsize accords need fixing because of a faulty power steering hose can leak fluid and cause a fire. pay now or pay a lot more later. that is the team behind a new baggage fee and speared a your linesspirit airlines. at $100 fee for carry-on bags if they do not pay lower fees prior to arriving at the boarding gate. it is about fairness. the scope of bernie made of ponzi scheme is growing larger. they claim it got its start in 1970. a revised
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indictment nearly doubles the amount of charges against the colleagues. 33 total charges. the former investors are scheduled to be arraigned on the new charges at a hearing today. there is a new way to book a babysitter with a mobile application. it has been on the web for quite awhile. it allows you to search for babysitters by date and time. you can review profiles. taking a look at the market. red arrows for the dow jones. life here at the new york stock exchange. >> today we're talking about
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figuring out what it is that your man to do in life. you were meant to do in life as early as 10 years old we can have an idea of what it is that we love to do >> when she asks her clients who what they want to do. they all smile. >> focus on your flaws. if you
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look at what you do not do well. at the end is still only three out of 10. if you are a three or four out of 10, no one is going to pay for that parent. >> one is stop focusing on the flaws. do not let somebody tell you what he should do. he should also ask them what you do well. do not take their it vice if they're not into what you are into.advice if you arethey are not into what you are into. >>it opened the doors to get him to see things differently. >>do not burn the bridges.
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>> if you decide that you know you're one true thing is, do not march into your boss and say i am out of here. yuo want to keep that ou want to keept that door open. >> we're doing several things average instead of doing that one thing that you could excel in. >>keep telling stories. >>always great to have you here. >>more drama at a southside catholic school. a new study
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give you our best quote and our competitors'. you choose and save up to 70%. that could mean $250,000 of coverage for just $15 a month. we offer plans with no medical exam and we've been in business for over 100 years. call fidelity life. ♪ ♪ or visit for your free quote. [ horn honks ] hey, honey. do we have life insurance? ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] or visit to secure your family's future today. the school's principal resigned
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today. this comes on the heels of the archdiocese asking the popular father to move off of her career. ut. >> when he found that he was gone to have to leave he was unhappy. established rules indicates that when a priest reaches 70 years of age, he must leave for least six months. so that the new priest can begin to establish himself here. after that point if the priest so chooses, he can then move back into the rectory. this transition has had serious repercussions. >> his resignation and saidis sad.
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>> he is talking about the resignation of ricky harris. it is the latest chapter in the story surrounding the forced departure of father-and let dan. >>, like to be able to see him continue to stay there. he has 24-hour care givers to take care of him. to live out his days as long as he can. >> harris has now resigned. saying that he felt no support. harris released a statement which said because of the lack of support given during my recent suspension have decided
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to render my resignation as principal effective tuesday october 2, 2012. >> he is a member of my church. he taught at the school year. he was our assistant principal before he went there. no. when i think he is a great man. i think he is a great educator. parents say that father o'donnell came in with a prickly attitude. >> he just came and was a dictator. he was not warm or welcoming to anyone. he is basically just pushing everyone away. >> currently there is no principal at st. margaret's of scotland school parent.
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>>still to come this midday. tom skilling has your full forecast! tg ids. m uueleoooo
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